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As I have experienced varied cultures and come across people from various backgrounds, I easily make friends. Though I have some initial hiccups in making good friends, but once that is done, I try to remain loyal to my friends.
I will list out few friends of mine whose company will probably remain etched in my mind.

Friends in Cuttack:
TV Rajesh, Rakesh, Jaspal Singh, Soumen Das
School and College Friends:
Gururaj, Gaurav, Pradeep, Akshay, Karthik, Premchand
University Friends:
Latcha -> Samar (fytta), Anupam (pam), Ranga (pappu), Ajay, Prashant (popa), Abilin (bong), Saurav, Thatha, Maharaj, Axis.
My Wingies -> Arshad, Amar, Srikanth, Chatrapathy, Khanna, Devi, Vijay, Manik, INVK, Gundu.
Others -> Subash, Ridhi, Rohini, Pooja, Swapnil, Swati, Sharmila, Padma, my PS mates and many others.
Ramu, Kuki, Adi, Priyanka, Swati, Samar, Prateek, Neha, Appu, Jay, Sameer, Rashi, Nidhi, Priyanka and many others.
Shirish, Sandy, Jaggu, Mopa, Mkey, Anil, John and many others.
Intelligroup colleagues: (a few of them have left Intelli for greener pastures)
Sameer, Laukik, Krishna, Sudheer, Arun, Sudarshan Ranganath, Chaitanya, Bhakti.
IIM-C Friends:
Aplenty. Will name some few years down the line as many would have lost contact
Sorry if I haven't included some names.

Friends are those without whom the taste of success is sour