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Curriculum Vitae

Name: C. Rajesh Kumar
DOB: June 12.
Permanent Address:  Kalyan Nagar
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Oriya
Software Skills: C, C++, Unix, PL/SQL, ABAP/4 (SAP).
Database: Oracle 8i
GUI: Developer 2000
Platforms worked on: Windows 2k/XP/NT, Linux, MS DOS
SAP areas worked on:
                Reports, Transactions, BDC, ALV, Scripts, Smartforms, Business
                Objects, Workflow.
                SD, MM, PP and FICO
Clients Worked for: Bristol Myers Squibb, Steelcase Manufacturing, GE.
     Class X           St.Alphonsas School          89.2%
     Class XII         Gautami Jr. College            95.1%
     BE (Hons)       BITS Pilani                        92.6%
     PGDM            IIM Calcutta                        
Projects Done:
1) Title: Development of front end for DLPD Automation using Developer 2000
A module developed for the EVM (Evaluation and Monitoring)
Cell of DLPD (Distance Learning Programme Division) at BITS Pilani. Oracle 8i was used as the backend database and the front end was developed using Developer 2000 based on the various relationship models developed.
Software Used:
Oracle 8i, Developer 2000, PL/SQL
Duration of the project:
4 months (BITS Pilani)
2) Title:
Some aspects of GDT based setup planning for prismatic parts.
GDT is Geometric Tolerancing and Dimensioning. The project
aimed at developing an algorithm for minimizing errors in the setup changes required for the production of any part.    
Duration of the project:
4 months (BITS Pilani)
3) Title:
Development of Neural Networks for the design of Cellular Layout
Neural Networks is a hot topic of research in the Artificial Intelligence Field. The basic idea of the project is to minimize the cost involved in the material movement between various machines located at various places. This project uses Hopfield Network which is commonly used for solving optimization problems.
Software Used:
Duration of the project:
4 months (BITS Pilani)
4) Title:
Experimental studies on fluid structure interaction and controlling instability by the use of smart materials.
Have you ever watered your garden ? You must have observed that when you open the tap, with the sudden gush of water the pipe starts to dance in a random motion. This project deals with the study investigating the reasons for such behaviour and how can it be controlled by the use of smart materials.
Duration of the project:
4 months (BITS Pilani)
5) Title:
A report on Employee Attitude
The shop floor workers of the company were interviewed on various factors like job satisfaction, motivation, leadership, perks etc. and the data collected was analyzed to gauge the attitude of the employees towards the organisation.
Duration of the project:
30 days (ECE Industries Ltd-Meter Division, Hyderabad)
Professional Experience:
1) Internship at Kotak Investment Banking, Mumbai. Worked on an IPO and pitch books for M&A transactions.
2) Internship at ECE Industries Ltd [Meter Division] Hyderabad as part of curriculum of the degree program (PS-1) for 2 months (May 2001 - Jul 2001).
3) Worked as Professional Assistant in Educational Development Division (EDD) at BITS Pilani.
4) Underwent training in SAP-ABAP/4 for 6 months (Jan 03 - Jul 03) in Intelligroup Asia Pvt. Ltd.
5) Worked in Intelligroup Asia Ltd. from Aug 2003 till June 2005
Academic Achievements:
1) Was selected for the XIII Indian National Mathematical Olympiad 1998.
2) Awarded merit scholarships for all the semesters in BITS Pilani based on the academic performance.
3) Received merit certificates and awards from Central Bank of India for excellent performance in 10th and 12th standard.
Extra-curricular activities:
1) Play Cricket, Lawn Tennis, TT and chess.
2) Mess Secretary New Hostel at IIM Calcutta.
3) Held the post of Joint Secretary of the club Jhankar in BITS Pilani.
4) Organised Professional Shows during the cultural fest OASIS at BITS Pilani in the year 2000 and 2001.
5) Won various prizes in debates, speeches, essay writing and drama at the school level.
Few lines about myself:
I am a smart, confident, intelligent and ambitious person. I have traversed various states and come across people of various cultures which has helped me in getting adjusted to any new environment without any hitches and making friends lasting for life time.
I love travelling and sometimes get absorbed in the beauties of nature.
I believe in the proverb 'Whatever happens, happens for good'.
Current Occupation:
Fx Sales & Trading

To win the game of life one should never give up trying
Winner never Quits and Quitter never Wins