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My family

My precious family consists of Dad, Mom, Elder brother and Sister-in-Law

Yeh fevicol ka jod hai, tootega nahi.
This famous ad line very well suits our family.
Ours is a close and well-knit family.
My cool Dad who is working in CBI (beware !!!) is a principled, jovial, smart, man and is conversant with any damn topic in this world.
My Mom who was fondly known as "baby" in her childhood days is a gem of a person....She is kind and has a forgiving heart....She is also a great cook.
My brother is one of the rare persons in the world....He can do anything for his family consisting of we four....I can never become like him atleast in this life.
My bhabhi is cool and intelligent.

Parents are the only persons in the world who would always like to see their son or daughter go up the ladder of life